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Used plastic processing machines

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Used plastic processing machinery from Germany

For processing of waste plastics Recycled materials are used to conventional single or twin screw extruder. Impurities are detected by separation in the melt flow (melt filtration) between the extruder and the extrusion die. Often one uses various separation techniques prior to achieve purity.

Our services and offers

Retrofitted plastics processing-machinery in German quality, over 150 plastic machines always available and visitable in our stock purchase/buying of yours out sorted machinery.
All machines repaired and are operational before delivery.

Office Cairo (Egypt) 002-01009662084

Global trade in plastics processing machinery and down stream equipment

Offers in machines and equipment for extrusion, extruder and downstreamed machines for profiles, recycling, pipe lines, extrusions and additional machines. We have second hand single screw extruders and double screw extruders, compounding lines in stock, reconditioned machines and lines for plastic extrusion.

We have over 30 years experience in trading plastic processing machinery

We buy and distribute plastic recycling machines pelleting machines and accessories for plastic processing.

New machines arrived!

Pelletising plants, extruders
All machines ready to operate, excellent condition and ready to ship!
Complete large granulating plant, twin-screw extruder Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 160 Ø 160 mm with filters, hot cutting and cooling path, flow rate = 3000 kg/h, Price: 150.000 € reserved!
Complete pelletizing plant manufacturer Erema (Austria) with filter, hot cutting and cooling path, minimum flow rate = 1000 kg/h, Price: 150.000 € reserved!
Weber twin-screw extruder Ø 85 mm DS 85 + extra screw-set, Year 1972, motor 6.3-38 kW, Price: 35.000 €

Additinal machines Infos News

List of machines
Single screw extruder Windmöller&Hölscher (W&H) 70-25 L/D -21.5-66,0 kW, Price: 14.000 €
Single screw extruder Tröster Ø 130 mm, 130/30 L/D , 125 kW, Price: 30.000 €
Single screw extruder Reifenhäuser Ø 70 mm, RH 70-25D, 51-8.5 kW, Price: 14.000 €
Single screw extruder IDE Ø 45 mm, Year 1976, ME 45 -25D, motor 1,0 - 6,3 kW, Price: 10.000 €
Pipe-saw SPEEDEX Ø 600 mm, Price: 35.000 €
Pipe-saw SICA Ø 500 mm, Price: 35.000 €
Pipe Haul off, 10 bands up to Ø 1.100 mm, Price 35.000 €
Large amount of PE pipe heads, total Price: 65.000 €

Projects for new factories

We will soon launch a new factory Noah-Plast (El-Obour City in Cairo) for manufacturing of:

LDPE granules - 1.000 t/month, internal requirements for the production of carrier bags for export

Soft PVC - 1.000 t/month, Soft PVC granulating wage for a German group

Manufacturing with modern German equipment W&F ZSK 160 und Know-how

In september 2014 starts our new factory Sophie-Plast near Dubai (V.A.E.)

Foils waste from Germany, Recycling of 600 t/Monat

In december 2014 starts our new factory Reema-Plast in Luxor (Qeft)

Production of carrier bags for the Egyptian market

Used Extrusion Lines - inexpensive on stock

A comprehensive range of plastic processing machines can be found in our List of machines

Youssef Extruder Systeme